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We have several training offers for adults and educational staff. We hope that you will find something interesting for yourself and your teams. With us you will combine learning with discovering new places as close to nature as possible.


OWOP – Training Courses

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Thematic Areas



01 |

Environmental strategy in the organization

Participants will acquire knowledge on how to 'green’ their organisation by minimising negative environmental impacts. Classes will be largely conducted using workshop methods so that each participant leaves the training with a pre-developed action plan.

Programme elements:

  • analysis of the negative environmental impact caused by the organisation’s activities,
  • identification of possible actions to be taken in order to minimise the negative impact on the environment (minimum, moderate, extreme variant),
  • identification of activities that have a positive impact on the environment,
  • creating a green image for the organisation and „greenwashing”,
  • development of the organisation green agenda.

• 16 -20 September 2024 - Białowieża National Park

• 24 -28 March 2025 - Biebrza National Park

02 |

On the road to self – building well-being in practice

Wellbeing is a state of balance between a person’s resources and the challenges they face. The workshop is a set of knowledge and tools from theory to practical solutions, issues on the role of self-esteem and self-acceptance as elements of building well-being, strategies for reducing tensions and practical building of mental resilience.

Programme elements:

  • What impact do high levels of stress, uncertainty, change have on a person’s functioning and mental health? Stress and mental health. Sources of stress and ways of coping. What do we need and how do we give it to ourselves?
  • What is mental health and mental resilience, recognising signals indicating possible difficulties.
  • Well-being – the four dimensions of well-being and how I can take care of my well-being on a daily basis.
  • Responsiveness – being able to stop and reprogram my habitual reactions to a stimulus, in search of balance – the impact of lifestyle on human well-being.

• 7 -11 October 2024 - Białowieża National Park

• 7 -11 April 2025 - Białystok



03 |

Design Thinking in the social sector

The training is aimed at staff, members and volunteers of NGOs who run projects and want to use the highly regarded Design Thinking method. The design thinking process is divided into stages that allow you to explore and figure out a problem and then solve it:

Programme elements:

  • understand what Design Thinking is and how it works, and how to use the method in your work in the social sector
  • to learn tools to increase the effectiveness of problem solving and solution finding
  • to structure the knowledge of Design Thinking and its process, reducing the sense of chaos in the activities carried out and the changing environment,
  • increase individual and team effectiveness.

• 21 -25 October 2024 - Białowieża National Park

• 19 -23 May 2025 - Biebrza National Park

04 |

Organisational development based on the Dutch „Collaborative Scale”
teamwork model

The training will provide an understanding of how it happens that some individuals and teams work intensely together and others do not. Why is it that most groups and organisations are able to stay stuck for long periods of time in marasm while others polarise between conflict and synergistic action? How do we build commitment among people in an organisation? Those attending the training will learn a model for diagnosing team functioning (organisation, project, department, etc.). It will help to understand the behaviour of team members, to become aware of the directions these behaviours lead to: difficulties or opportunities? The training will provide practical experience that will be the basis for understanding the model of collaboration proposed by the Dutch experts.

Programme elements:

  • Acquisition of knowledge of the group development concept, alternative to the most popular one – Tuckman’s /Forming (recognition), Getting along (conflict, dissatisfaction), Norming (integration), Collaborating (performance, maturity)/.
  • Direct experience and understanding of the Collaboration Scale model
  • To improve the understanding of the role of teams in the organisation and how they can better develop and collaborate in a good, qualitative way
  • Gain experience in team activities
  • Gain skills to use the Collaborative Model in the activities of their organisation, entity, team
  • Developing the ability to design changes in the team

• 9 -13 December 2024 - Białowieża National Park

• 9 -13 June 2025 - Biebrza National Park



05 |

Management skills training

Managers and supervisors in local government and public administration institutions have particularly difficult tasks to perform – overseeing the implementation of the unit’s tasks, building the staff team and liaising with the recipients of their activities.
Effective work in such positions requires continuous improvement of skills and habits. In addition to increasing knowledge and skills, training can be an inspiration to create and develop one’s own management style.

Programme elements:

  • enhance their team management skills and consciously develop their own management style
  • acquire the ability to plan their own work and to set priorities
  • give feedback in a motivating way
  • practice the principles of assertive communication and deal effectively with criticism and rejection
  • learn methods to increase the sense of responsibility, commitment and pro-activity in subordinates
  • learn effective self-motivation and methods to improve self-efficacy

• 14 -18 July 2025 - Białowieża National Park

• 11 -15 August 2025 - Biebrza National Park

Działania OWOP w latach 2022-2024 sfinansowano przez Islandię, Liechtenstein i Norwegię z Funduszy Norweskich w ramach Programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Regionalny.

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