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Open Learning Venues for Intercultural and Intergenerational Community

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The idea of the project is to exchange good practices and experiences in creating an educational offer for adults from groups at risk of social exclusion, based on widely available and open places functioning in local communities and using intercultural and intergenerational context.

The project is implemented by NGO’s Support Center (leader), along with partners from four European countries: Volkshochschule Braunschweig GmbH (Germany), Piparrika Elkartea (Spain), Caminhar ACAS (Portugal), Arendal Volksenopplaering (Norway).

Project’s goals:

• Getting to know the best practices and methodologies for creating open learning venues in an intercultural and intergenerational perspective;
• Creating open learning venues in order to include various excluded groups;
• Strengthening local communities;
• Development of cooperation between various local stakeholders (educational centers, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, etc.);
• Increasing the competences of educators in the field of education of target groups;
• Improving the situation of adult students from target groups;
• Extending the educational offer addressed to adults with a migrant background and to the elderly;
• Developing the potential of partner organizations in the field of transnational cooperation and adult education in an intercultural and intergenerational context.

In the framework of the project, transnational project meetings are organized in each partner organization. And examples of good practices in building open learning venues and their use in the adult education process are presented as a part of them. It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences between partners and develop the competences of educators working with adults. These good practices will be presented in the form of an e-book created as a part of the project.

Implementation period: 01.09.2018. – 31.08.2020.
Project’s value: 90 020 EUR

More information on the project’s profile: https://www.facebook.com/openlearningvenues

Here you can find the final product of the project: e-book with examples of good practices.

Download from here

Projects are co-financed from the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.