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Hajnówka ReNewal. Cooperation in revitalization – experiences from Reggio Emilia

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The goal of the project is to develop the socio-economic functions of the City of Hajnówka through the implementation of an innovative model of the cooperative management of social services in the area of revitalization of the City of Hajnówka in cooperation with the Italian partner from Reggio Emilia until 31st May 2021.

The solution developed by the cross-sectoral Initiative Group with a transnational partner will be implemented with an extensive cooperation of local partners. This innovative solution developed jointly with a transnational partner will consist of three components:
• Model of outsourcing services to social economy entities’ (SEE) consortia,
• Model of SEE consortium’s management and
• Model of social services provided by the SEE consortium.

In particular, we care about developing solutions that:
• will allow the development of sustainable solutions not yet introduced in the city of Hajnówka,
• will be based on systemic animation, incubation and support of social economy sector’s entities,
• will be based on permanent, systematic cooperation between the public and the social, economic and scientific sectors,
• will strive to provide public services tailored to the needs of the local community in a revitalized building,
• take into account the local potential and resources (a plebiscite / competition for a local theme used in the project, developing a social concept of the place and the environment for the provision of social services, using La Polveriera model of revitalization on a micro and macro scale, e.g. at the micro level, there are upcycling techniques used in working with groups at risk of social exclusion).

The advantage of the project's effects will be the combination of many services into one package and the creation of a consortium of social economy entities that will allow joining forces, including even small NGOs and social cooperatives to implement the task and - alike the practice from Reggio Emilia - the cooperation with the scientific community – Białystok Technical University, the Faculty of Industrial Design.

Project’s value: 1 015 798,80 PLN